Trip to El Salvador 2021

I went to El Salvador for a short trip and boy I was surprised of the beauty the country the people how developed the country is always improving, the food and breath taking sunsets. El Salvador has to offer something for everybody. They are a Spanish speaking country but 80% of their young people speak some or are fluent in English. They use $ dollars which is a plus if you live in the States, don’t have to worry about money exchange, and even tho they use dollars everything is quiet cheap. I love how small the country is you can hike an active volcano in the morning and still have some time to catch a beautiful sunset at the beach all in just one day. Their foods are an A+

Here are some restaurants that are a must try if you are ever down for a trip in El Salvador

La Libertad-Betos their seafood is so fresh and everything you order there is good.

Sopa de Mariscos

Santa Ana- Simmer down restaurant.

Restaurante y Café entre nubes en Ataco. Their coffee is delicious. I had their hot chocolate and quesadilla. (Is like a sweet bread made with cheese)
Paso Del Alaska Resort- you can actually stay in their rustic cabins or just go to the restaurant I went for theirbeautiful views colder weather during breakfast time. Their typical Salvadorian breakfast is. (Beans, eggs, sweet plantains, cream, cheese and bread) and of course their famous Pupusas and MUST have if you visit El Salvador.

Had the most wonderful time in a short trip I did this 2021

La Pampa Coatepeque- excellent for meats and bbq’s

In my next blog I will where to go and what to do for a shot trip in El Salvador!!!

Thank YOU reading, as always keep chasing your dream, stay positive and always move forwards! If you like to see more pictures about this trip visit my new IG page