5 Simple Tips on how to save money when visiting NYC

Number one:

If you are going to be in the city for one week, or one month

To buy the weekly 7-Day MetroCard will costs you $33. And for the monthly MetroCard will be $116.50 that’s a lot I know so only buy it if you are staying for a whole month and you will be going out everyday . My suggestion will be the weekend MetroCard is a live saver to the pocket. And will allowed you to ride the subways and busses.

Number two:

Take the NYC ferry it is just $2.75 on way the best route is if you take it from Brooklyn North Williamsburg to down town Wall St./Pier 11. The financial district. 2 stops and it will take you less than 15 min to go from Brooklyn to Wall street or vice versa. Beautiful scenery, is faster and not so expensive.

Number three:

Roof top bars you name it NYC have it. If you are on a tight budget and you can only pick one observatory deck attraction dont worry. all you need to do is search for roof tops with great views and you will be up in the clouds with a gorgeous view and a great drink. drinks can sometimes be pricey but def. I will be less than a ticket.

Number four:

Eating always out in restaurants can be expensive, so why not to go for a Picnic. And what’s a better than a picnic in central park.

Number five:

Take advantage of all free destinations

The biggest most Iconic landmarks and attraction in NYC are free

here are just some to give you an example:

Time square

Grand Central

Brooklyn Bridge

Rockefeller Center

The New York Public Library

The staten Island Ferry

Central Park, and all the other parks you have seen in movies.

The Chrysler Building

…and so much more.

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