Adapting ourselves to the new “Normal”

Penn station is not what it used to be a few months ago now everything looks different feels different in a good way let’s say. I love how the new Pennsylvania Station looks and feels for now, you can really appreciate the full architectural design the going back on time felling of how it just to be years and years ago, 27 years to be exact.

The natural light coming from the glass ceiling is absolutely amazing the clock in the middle remain me so much at Grand Central Station, it feels so open and welcoming.

The tracks are fairly closed to each other with electric stairs and plenty of space in between from rush hour if you know what I mean. 

There is not much going on for now and they are still building and upgrading more tracks and stores, but one of the many things I like about the new and improved Station is how big and open everything is including the Starbucks a whole area is just for getting your food and drinks on the go and another huge to seat and relax. 

The AMTRACK Seating reservation is great when you are traveling with the amtrack, the rooms are extremely comfortable and semi-private only for customers, with private bathroom access and costumer service. You will need to present your boarding ticket if you want to relax and spare time the amtrack waiting rooms, yes did I mentioned that before it is not just one big room like it used to be now, they have several medium size rooms, and it feels way better and most important wonderfully comfortable.

Stay safe everybody.

Thank you for reading!!!!!

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