The Amazing Outdoors

Looking for something to do!

Hit the Catskill, Or Minnewaska state park just two and a half hours from NYC!

If you like hiking, less crowded places and lots and lots of fun. This parks are for you

Camping, hiking (easy, medium or hard).

I recently enjoyed a perfect weekend camping and hiking. The burroughs range trail loop.

The hike was not a joke it was hard and long but thankfully we started early and even tho it took us a little more than 10 hours (No kidding from 8:00am to 8:15pm “yes we had to do some night hiking not recommended) almost at the end of the loop we ran out of daylight thankfully we were very closed to the end of the trail.

At the end of the loop we were super tired, hungry but with big smiles all over our faces it was like we just had finished the New York City Marathon and in a way it was like half of one.

Up in the clouds, first mountain. At this point we needed to keep our trail to finish two more mountains.

A bit cloudy but the views were very nice

The Mountains
The trail was hard no kidding this is just one of many climbs. (All worth it tho).

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