Staying positive and calm.

Stay positive is so easy to say it, but the truth is so different. when we are the ones who need to believe it first.

I have been talking to my friends from different countries, and one thing we all have in common is what we are dealing with right now. Is hard times when you need to be with the people you love and loves you back. But like many being physically together it’s not possible right now because we want to keep our loved ones safe as possible we want to reach them in different ways so I encourage everybody to pick up the phone, FaceTime, Zoom do ever you can and what to keep in touch. technology is allowing us to stay together in ways that were not possible before.

And if you’re dealing with anxiety as many of us are I have 6 Steps that I hope it will help you reduce the anxiety that we are living on right at the moment

1- stop watching negative news it doesn’t matter which sources are coming from. if you sit down and watch all the negative news being broadcast right now you will end up feeling sad.

2- If your home make a fun day to day routine try to do every day something different.

3-Make time for yourself. Take care of yourself just because we are home doesn’t mean we can’t dress up look cute.

4-Do things that will make you happy read a book, watch your favorite movie, go to a indoor restaurant at home, bak, cook, organize a clean house will always give peace. Connect with people online!

5-Talk about your feelings with somebody that you trust do not keep bad feelings inside.

6-Exercise this is actually very helpful if you live in a small apartment like me in New York. Start small 15-20 minutes every day. This will help you to get rid of all the energy buildup.


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