The real NYC struggle

why is so hard to stay positive?

In a city like NYC is a little more hard to stay calm and positive all the time and mostly because everybody around you is in their own world , if you have visit NYC before you will  see a very familiar characteristics, pretty much EVERYBODY “wears headphones and walks with a nice cup of coffee in their hands”, and the true is that the life style in NY is so fast and so busy that for a lot of people putting their headphones ON is kind of like a disconnection with their surrenders and the entrances of their very own world.

make a living in NY is a total different story for everybody but since is so expensive you have to spend more time at work than your own home, I have the opportunity to see it from 3 different perspectives .

First you have the typical job in the other side of the city and for anybody who commute to work knows the struggle that the NYC subways is, you never know if the train is working or is delay or pretty much whats going on with the system, so from their you end up late at work and the boss will never understand that you got up at 5:00 am to be on time but that didn’t happen, so from then on you are grumpy with the whole word and the transportation system in NYC.

Second the typical family with 4 kids who lives in the suburbs of NYC and have to commute to the city thru the Metro North or Long Island Rail Rode is about 25 min by train to get to the city and from then on the adventures begins. trying  to get out of Penn station or Metro North, since they are part of the tourist parts of NY is really hard to speed walk in there and take the electric stairs is really annoying because of those who don’t understand the unspoken NY rule about stepping aside and let the (fast people/rush timers ) go ahead, so remember this next time you are in the city “if somebody push you or tells you to move aside don’t be offended, they are probably just trying to get to work on time”.  going back with the example when you had finish your work, getting back home is another challenge, and when you finally get home, most likely very stress out,    to that add to the list a  house full of chores and 4 screaming children demanding for attention of the parents totally understandable but overwhelming, so good sleeping time is far from a dream. Now put that on a 5 days a week of work. extremely stressful.

Third the one who has 2 jobs day/night and as tired and overwhelming that sounds is a sad reality, nobody can work non stopping but that’s the life of some New Yorkers  and they somehow make that happen,

That’s why being positive depends pretty much of each person, everybody have their own story to tell not always is easy but you make it happen because you know you can do anything and you will do what is necessary to provide for yourself and your family, try to keep a positive and happy attitude, start with yourself, that will help others to have the same attitude towards them.


We all are trying to make it happen.

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