The value of money

The value of this symbol ($$$$) we all had learned the important of money. But what I still don’t understand is why some people who have money have to act so arrogant, and why if you don’t have so much money WHY you have to act like you do, we all know of that person who always buys the latest thing and have the best clothes (but at the end of the month is super broke,) does that makes the person more secure of themselves, well my guess will be yes; the true is sometimes we have to decide if we are going to pay the bills, pay our rent, get our weekly supermarket list so we have something to eat at home or buy the most expensive but for sure nice looking coat, well if you are smart enough you know you will have to go for your responsibilities first and then you will hope you have something extra to spend. Some people can get sad because they want things that they can’t get I had found myself in the past thinking like that. Like if you don’t have that specific “something new” you are not completed, and yes, I know that sounds super crazy or event materialistic but I know we all have had that feeling. I realize thinking like that didn’t make me happier so I stopped and it feels great not thinking about the next thing you will get, but how you would help others that are in worst conditions that you, thinking like that will allow you to put the important things first and you will find yourself content and grateful with what you already have.

What I try to say is never thing you worth less because you might no have what others have. Because that rich looking person might have so much less than youfrom the

Always Be Grateful with what You Have. 

inside. What it really counts is what you are from the inside, you can be poor in money but rich in dreams and you know if you work hard for those dreams they will come true.

                Chase your Dreams

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