Life in New York City

img_4728If you are not from or live in New York, have you ever wonder what life is like….. I had!

let me tell you a little bit of my story; right before I moved to NY in 2010 I used to live in a Southwestern State nice, calm, hot and big! Every year at the end of the year I like to start my new year watching on TV the ball drop from Times Square I just feel like is such an excited moment to countdown 5-4-3-2-1- and see all those billions pieces of paper come down and see people cold and excited the kissing around. Well I didn’t know this before but if you want to be in front line for the time the ball drops you have to be there since very early in the morning, and you can’t leave your spot not even for a bathroom break. so I’m more than sure that by 12:05 am everybody is so ready to leave Times Square and go to bed.

when I had to move I knew I was going to miss all that friends, family my house and pretty much everything. but I’m not gonna lie I was so extremely happy, excited over joy I had planned all my future life in my head of course, you know dreams and I was so ready to chase my dreams!!!

When I first arrived to NYC I was with my youngest sister, it was her and me nobody else but 2 young girls. coming from a very hot state we didn’t know that cold weather wasn’t a joke, it was in the middle of December everybody said it was the coolest winter in New York. so the first thing we did was buy jackets, we didn’t have so much money, but we did have the energy to work for it or at least I did my sister was too young to work.

So with no working experience but the willing to do new and good thing I found a job I was so happy I remember. I was working in Wall Street a very important part of the USA, because that’s were the financial stock market is of course I wasn’t working in the financial building but I  was pretty close I got to walked in front of the building every day  on my way to work back then that for me was good enough, I was so happy.

since English is not my first language it was a bit more challenging and when I think about the past I look back and I realize I was so naive. for those who doesn’t know what the word means i will tell you; Naive means “a person who easily believe anything because you don’t know any better or lack of experience” well that’s exactly how I was, I would believe everything someone would tell me. That was my biggest mistake I had always try to be the best and give my 1000% in everything life, work, friends, family and since It was just my sister and I and this big city I wanted to be the best for her.

sadly when it comes to work and fake friends being naive it is really bad, people will take advantage of you. but I learned from my mistakes and happy to say I learned fast. from that moment until now I have grown as a person and I keep growing and learning everyday.

Life in NYC is amazing is excited is adventures. full of new people and things. You only have to be brave enough and take every opportunity that you have it might only comes once in a lifetime, so I say Do Always your BEST, and feel proud of yourself for small or big achievements, not matter where you are always CHASE YOUR DREAMS!!!


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