Hello 2022

Hi new year,

There is a saying “with a new day comes new opportunities” and with a new year comes new goals. I have finally stop over thinking and worrying about what other think about me. I’m leaning to enjoy the little things, not to overwork myself to accept my limitations and applaud my achievements even if they are small like being most of the time on time. I love how a new year can open a clean book where you and nobody else is the artist. So here it is to all my dream chaser out there, reading this. LET’s get it, let’s do what makes us happy and enjoy every second.

Let’s Welcome 2022 with love, laughter, patients and gratitude. Let’s never stop dreaming.

My postcard to you.❄️💌🧣

Trip to El Salvador 2021

I went to El Salvador for a short trip and boy I was surprised of the beauty the country the people how developed the country is always improving, the food and breath taking sunsets. El Salvador has to offer something for everybody. They are a Spanish speaking country but 80% of their young people speak some or are fluent in English. They use $ dollars which is a plus if you live in the States, don’t have to worry about money exchange, and even tho they use dollars everything is quiet cheap. I love how small the country is you can hike an active volcano in the morning and still have some time to catch a beautiful sunset at the beach all in just one day. Their foods are an A+

Here are some restaurants that are a must try if you are ever down for a trip in El Salvador

La Libertad-Betos their seafood is so fresh and everything you order there is good.

Sopa de Mariscos

Santa Ana- Simmer down restaurant.

Restaurante y Café entre nubes en Ataco. Their coffee is delicious. I had their hot chocolate and quesadilla. (Is like a sweet bread made with cheese)
Paso Del Alaska Resort- you can actually stay in their rustic cabins or just go to the restaurant I went for theirbeautiful views colder weather during breakfast time. Their typical Salvadorian breakfast is. (Beans, eggs, sweet plantains, cream, cheese and bread) and of course their famous Pupusas and MUST have if you visit El Salvador.

Had the most wonderful time in a short trip I did this 2021

La Pampa Coatepeque- excellent for meats and bbq’s

In my next blog I will where to go and what to do for a shot trip in El Salvador!!!

Thank YOU https://www.instagram.com/emma.kries/for reading, as always keep chasing your dream, stay positive and always move forwards! If you like to see more pictures about this trip visit my new IG page https://www.instagram.com/emma.kries/

5 Simple Tips on how to save money when visiting NYC

Number one:

If you are going to be in the city for one week, or one month

To buy the weekly 7-Day MetroCard will costs you $33. And for the monthly MetroCard will be $116.50 that’s a lot I know so only buy it if you are staying for a whole month and you will be going out everyday . My suggestion will be the weekend MetroCard is a live saver to the pocket. And will allowed you to ride the subways and busses.

Number two:

Take the NYC ferry it is just $2.75 on way the best route is if you take it from Brooklyn North Williamsburg to down town Wall St./Pier 11. The financial district. 2 stops and it will take you less than 15 min to go from Brooklyn to Wall street or vice versa. Beautiful scenery, is faster and not so expensive.

Number three:

Roof top bars you name it NYC have it. If you are on a tight budget and you can only pick one observatory deck attraction dont worry. all you need to do is search for roof tops with great views and you will be up in the clouds with a gorgeous view and a great drink. drinks can sometimes be pricey but def. I will be less than a ticket.

Number four:

Eating always out in restaurants can be expensive, so why not to go for a Picnic. And what’s a better than a picnic in central park.

Number five:

Take advantage of all free destinations

The biggest most Iconic landmarks and attraction in NYC are free

here are just some to give you an example:

Time square

Grand Central

Brooklyn Bridge

Rockefeller Center

The New York Public Library

The staten Island Ferry

Central Park, and all the other parks you have seen in movies.

The Chrysler Building

…and so much more.

Adapting ourselves to the new “Normal”

Penn station is not what it used to be a few months ago now everything looks different feels different in a good way let’s say. I love how the new Pennsylvania Station looks and feels for now, you can really appreciate the full architectural design the going back on time felling of how it just to be years and years ago, 27 years to be exact.

The natural light coming from the glass ceiling is absolutely amazing the clock in the middle remain me so much at Grand Central Station, it feels so open and welcoming.

The tracks are fairly closed to each other with electric stairs and plenty of space in between from rush hour if you know what I mean. 

There is not much going on for now and they are still building and upgrading more tracks and stores, but one of the many things I like about the new and improved Station is how big and open everything is including the Starbucks a whole area is just for getting your food and drinks on the go and another huge to seat and relax. 

The AMTRACK Seating reservation is great when you are traveling with the amtrack, the rooms are extremely comfortable and semi-private only for customers, with private bathroom access and costumer service. You will need to present your boarding ticket if you want to relax and spare time the amtrack waiting rooms, yes did I mentioned that before it is not just one big room like it used to be now, they have several medium size rooms, and it feels way better and most important wonderfully comfortable.

Stay safe everybody.

Thank you for reading!!!!!

The Amazing Outdoors

Looking for something to do!

Hit the Catskill, Or Minnewaska state park just two and a half hours from NYC!

If you like hiking, less crowded places and lots and lots of fun. This parks are for you

Camping, hiking (easy, medium or hard).

I recently enjoyed a perfect weekend camping and hiking. The burroughs range trail loop.

The hike was not a joke it was hard and long but thankfully we started early and even tho it took us a little more than 10 hours (No kidding from 8:00am to 8:15pm “yes we had to do some night hiking not recommended) almost at the end of the loop we ran out of daylight thankfully we were very closed to the end of the trail.

At the end of the loop we were super tired, hungry but with big smiles all over our faces it was like we just had finished the New York City Marathon and in a way it was like half of one.

Up in the clouds, first mountain. At this point we needed to keep our trail to finish two more mountains.

A bit cloudy but the views were very nice

The Mountains
The trail was hard no kidding this is just one of many climbs. (All worth it tho).

Staying positive and calm.

Stay positive is so easy to say it, but the truth is so different. when we are the ones who need to believe it first.

I have been talking to my friends from different countries, and one thing we all have in common is what we are dealing with right now. Is hard times when you need to be with the people you love and loves you back. But like many being physically together it’s not possible right now because we want to keep our loved ones safe as possible we want to reach them in different ways so I encourage everybody to pick up the phone, FaceTime, Zoom do ever you can and what to keep in touch. technology is allowing us to stay together in ways that were not possible before.

And if you’re dealing with anxiety as many of us are I have 6 Steps that I hope it will help you reduce the anxiety that we are living on right at the moment

1- stop watching negative news it doesn’t matter which sources are coming from. if you sit down and watch all the negative news being broadcast right now you will end up feeling sad.

2- If your home make a fun day to day routine try to do every day something different.

3-Make time for yourself. Take care of yourself just because we are home doesn’t mean we can’t dress up look cute.

4-Do things that will make you happy read a book, watch your favorite movie, go to a indoor restaurant at home, bak, cook, organize a clean house will always give peace. Connect with people online!

5-Talk about your feelings with somebody that you trust do not keep bad feelings inside.

6-Exercise this is actually very helpful if you live in a small apartment like me in New York. Start small 15-20 minutes every day. This will help you to get rid of all the energy buildup.


A Letter to a new Decade

New beginnings, fresh starts.

Everybody loves staring the year with the right foot and why not right?

2020 is a new year every day is an opportunity to dream big and make those dream realities.

Let’s all try to do something we were afraid to do before, let’s take the risk whether it is something small like getting a new haircut or something big like quitting your current job to find something better something you will want to get up every day to do it.

So many new empty pages in this new book 📖

And each of us has the power to make it better than ever.

Don’t be afraid even u you felt get up, keep looking towards and you will reach the goal.

……………………LET’S MAKE IT HAPPEN…………..

DIY Your dream Wedding!

DIY your wedding, sounds like a lot of work and to be true it is but it’s actually fun and very cheap way to go, you can DIY pre-much anything starting from wedding invitations, floral arrangements to a beautiful table display. I enjoy planning. And that’s what I do as a side job. I had done many weddings/ events and I have seen how much money can a client spend on for an event. I mean is not bad if you have the extra money to spend but there is nothing wrong on going ” DIY ” doing yourself way!!!!


If you have any questions let me know I will be happy to assist you.

9/11 Memorial Museum

Welcome back beautiful readers.

I had take a little vacation from social media for the past 3 months. but I’m happy to be back to bring some helpful tips, to all of you city dreamers.

recently my friends and I went to the 9/11 memorial museum.  and the reason why we haven’t been there before is because of the giant lines outside in the cold. so here are some helpful tips.

The museum will take you step by step about the events that happened that day, make sure to read, and reflect about what you see. WE WILL NEVER FORGET. also the museum counts with a self guide audio tour in so many different languages. you can bring your own headphones or just used the ones they let you borrow at the museum. they also have a small cafeteria in case you get hungry.

information base in the outside and tickets purchase

we bought our tickets online, and that was actually good because by the time we got there they were already sold out.

the ticket we bought was a non time ticket. we bought it because it was the most buy ticket, we figured it was going to be more easer just to get there and go in with the group going at that time, since they let people in every half an hour.

little that we know buying a non time ticket is was going to be our biggest mistake

so they have 2 giant lines one for people holding time tickets and the other line was for non time tickets or if you were going to purchase tickets you also go to the non time line.

we spend three and a half hours on a very very slow line in the cold trying to get our time ticket. that was really no fun at all also I saw a lot of elderly people on the line for hours. I wish they would have done some kind of fast access to the elderly is was brutally cold to be standing in line for that long.

After you get your time tickets you hope that’s it you have finally reach the window and you are ready to go in but NOT….. those 3 and a half hours in line are just to get a time ticket. So before we had tickets but now we have the time on the ticket????? That just didn’t make sense to me or anyone who was in the line for those many hours… After we got our time ticket we were frozen literally. and ready to do another looooooonnngggg line to get in so in total we spend four and a half hours doing lines before we got inside. and when you finally make your way inside you forget about the four and a half hours standing in the cold is really breath taking so much to see, read and reflect. definitely worth the lines. But is always good to save some time if you have the opportunity that’s why I decide to give you’ll these tips.


make sure to BUY a TIME ticket ONLINE, and make sure you are there 15-30 minutes BEFORE the time that is printed on your ticket. oh yeah printed your ticket have it ready. it just makes things more faster. and Don’t be late or you will end up doing 2 lines (yeap) an extra one because your time passed and you need a new time ticket.

there you go hopefully these tips will help you enjoy more your visit to the museum.

*** Thank You for all the love!******